Public Loss Adjusters

How Public Loss Adjusters Can Help You

Claiming on your insurance is quite often something that’s inevitable. One way to get the most unbiased service whilst having the option to restore your property or receive a cash payment is by employing a Public Loss Adjusters.

public loss adjustersA Public Loss Adjuster is essentially an expert that will work directly with the client to try and get them the deserved entitlement. Public Loss Adjusters work on a no win no fee basis, so if the case doesn’t go your way you are not out of pocket from hiring the specialists. A Public Loss Adjuster is appointed by the client in order to look after their interests and handle the case in order to receive a cash payment, without the client doing a thing. on average other loss adjusters usually charge around 20% + VAT on any cash settlement you receive but with the total charge (only on a won case) is 10% + VAT. Public Loss Adjusters also offer their services totally free of charge when you take advantage of their recommended contractors to see out any restoration work which is needed.

Did you know that UK insurance companies pay the equivalent to around 77 million pounds every day in insurance claims?

There is no difference between a loss adjusters employed by your insurance company or a Public Loss Adjuster other than who they work for. Public Loss Adjusters simply work for you and handle your case till you get the settlement you deserve in order to compensate for your accident etc. The loss adjuster will inspect the case and find all the possible causes in order to fight your case. Public loss adjusters will investigate and fight for Cost of repairs, emergency accommodation if needed and arrangement of surveyors.

A Public Loss Adjuster is someone who works on your behalf and represents you and your entire case, A Public Loss Adjuster will also bring in other professionals that also work on your behalf like building contractors. In many cases, most people would rather employ a public loss adjuster rather than going directly through the insurance company. Public Loss Adjusters can not only cost less but can also make the whole process quicker.

If your property has been effected by either fire damage, flood damage, theft or anything else covered by your insurance policy then call Public Loss Adjusters today to receive the correct entitlement in the least stressful way possible. Here at Public Loss Adjusters our experts have a minimum of 20 years’ experience in the field and are here to help. Call 08000 434 999 or 0333 7333 999 to enquire and start the road to recovery.… Continue..

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